Somaliland: Ex-Deputy House Speaker steps up to lead the HOR


Somaliland House of Representatives (HOR), earlier today, during an extra ordinary session, voted to elect a new speaker chaired by the Second deputy House Speaker Hon Ali Yussuf.

The former first deputy House Speaker Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah who’s a member of the ruling KULMIYE party narrowly defeated his opponent fellow MP from “WADDANI” Hon Abdirahman Talyanle.

Tallying the votes, it was announced that 39 MPs voted for Ex-First Deputy House Speaker Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah while 38 MPs voted in favour Hon Abdirahman Talyanle.

Moments after the voting concluded, the newly elected House Speaker, while speaking to reporters, said he was delighted to be elected vowing to serve the people.

The next first deputy speaker will be elected in 7 days time.This is the first time in 12 years, a member of the ruling party has been elected as the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Source: Somalilandpress+++


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