Al-Shabaab Overruns Somali army Base in Southern Somalia, Kills Dozens


Dozens of Somali government were killed om Sunday morning, after Shabaab militias attacked Somalia army base at Buulo Gaduud village, near Kismayo, officials said.

The attack begin after a suicide bomber driving  a truck filled with explosives targeted  the Somali army base at Buulo Gadeed village, 30km south of  Kismayo, followed by a firefight.  Shabaab, which is affiliated to Alqaeda claimed to have killed 26 Soldiers in the attack.

Somalia government officials said that a military base at Buulo Gaduud came under attack on Sunday, but repulsed the attack and killed 20 attackers.

“Around 5:10 on Sunday, our army was attacked by the Shabaab with explosives.” Gen. Ismail Saxariid, the commander of the  43 Division of the SNA  told the state run Somali News Agency, “The car with the explosives devices has been foiled.”

“Our army is in control of the area.” Gen. Saxardiid added.

Both claims could not be independently verified.

Shabaab, which is affiliated to Alqaeda remains a potential threat, despite losing territories to the SNA and AMISOM forces.

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