Somalia: Dutch Court orders Notorious ‘journalist’ to Pay Retribution to Eng. Yarisow


A Dutch court ruled that the notorious, blackmailer journalist, Dahir Alasow, who hold a Dutch citizenship, pay court costs and other expenses to the plaintiff, Engineer Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), on a case he filed against him last month.

The Court decided that Mr. Alasow unfairly accused Engineer Yarisow, Minister of Information of the Federal Somalia, of malfeasance and that he, the complainant, did not produce sufficient evidence to corroborate his allegations.

Mr. Alasow, who uses the media trade as vehicle to blackmail politicians and business community, using various methods and an international network of saboteurs, other so-called journalists, filed a lawsuit against the Minister accusing him of writing a letter in favor of Dahabshiil which has been among the formidable material presented to courts in Holland at Dahabshiil VS Dahir Alasow hearings – most of which he lost.

The Dutch Court, on the Dahir Alasow VS Yarisow case threw out the case on his face asking Alasow to immediately pay up costs Minister Yarisow incurred during the process which will cover court fees and other costs directly related to the case incurred by engineer Yarisow.

The largely disreputable ‘journalist, who sought and secured political asylum form the Netherlands government, had waged a relentless propaganda war against the most reputable Somali money transfer company, Dahabshiil, since 2009, which necessitated that he be arraigned in front of Dutch courts on a number of occasions.

Losing this latest case certainly spells other ignominious failures on his part in the case against Dahabshiil awaiting him down the road at the Dutch Supreme Court in its final ruling on the protracted case which will be decided soon.

Source: Horseed Media



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