How Saudi women’s license to drive has dealt a major blow to radicals

Saudi women attend the Gulf youth conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saturday, April 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

Saudi King Salman’s royal decree on granting driving licenses for women in the kingdom as of next June reaffirms the government’s aims for women to be a crucial element in society.

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The move shows that the Saudi government aims to ensure that women are granted a right that was previously stalled for societal reasons.

Today, many Gulf observers believe Saudi Arabia is on a path of growth and restructuring in various aspects. One of these aspects is highlighting women’s role in society.

Growth capability

As such, the new decree only serves to prove that the Saudi community is now capable of growth and moving forward. What was once holding the kingdom back is now a thing of a past, and a mere tale for future generations.

In past years, women’s lawful rights were consistently attacked by extremists. Driving was one of those rights.

However, Tuesday’s decree gained a wide acceptance from Saudi Arabia’s Council of Supreme Scholars. This only reemphasizes the kingdom’s keenness on growth and improvement.

The royal decree has also ordered the establishment of a high-level committee involving the ministries of internal affairs, finance, labor and social development. They will be tasked with studying the arrangements of the edict within 30 days and to ensure the full implementation of the order by June 2018.


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