Somaliland: President Siilaanyo Urges Candidates, National Leaders to Uphold National Unity Highest


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Siilaanyo”, invited all candidates of the November Presidential election, the Commanders of the national armed and security forces, the Guurti, the National Election Commission (NEC) and other prominent leaders to dinner, on Monday, during which he, once again proved his statesmanship as a leader.

The dinner seated together on the same table: the incumbent president and his Vice President, the 3 Presidential candidates, the Chief Justice and Guurti leaders projecting a kind of a billion-dollar picture that is rarely seen in the world – ‘developed’ or ‘developing’.

The President called on all parties present at the working dinner to put national vision, unity and nationhood uppermost in their agendas.

The President, specifically, asked the presidential contenders for the leadership of Somaliland in November to stay away from divisive campaigning and fiery speeches that have the potential to pit electorate members against one another.

“There will only be one president to be elected, one Vice President. This chair cannot take on more than that.  Congratulate and work with whoever among you win the election,” he asked the three leaders of the 3 national parties and their deputies.

The President stated that it was his desire to hand over the leadership of the country peacefully and without rancour among contenders as he has taken it over in 2010.

“I chose not to contest a disputable 80 votes that lost me the presidency in April 2003 in order to preserve the national unity, peace and stability of my nation. Be prepared to follow that tradition,” he added.

President Siilaanyo asked the Supreme Court,  NEC, the army, the police, security forces, Guurti, and all other armed and judiciary branches to stay neutral in the election and to, instead, focus on ensuring that free and fair elections decide a true winner.

Lastly, the President sent sincere condolences to neighbouring Somalia, the victims and bereaved families of the horrid bomb blast in Mogadishu which killed or maimed more than 600 civilian lives on Saturday.

The dinner setting, last evening, alone sent an unmistakable message of unity and maturity to the Somaliland public, the region, and the whole world, establishing, once more, the level of democracy and richness of culture Somalilanders enjoyed despite an unrequited 27-year old quest for international recognition of its restored independence.

Somaliland proved that what it has achieved as a nation is a rare phenomenon that the world can usefully replicate in other areas.    



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