Somaliland Elects Musa Behi Abdi as its Fifth President


The National Electoral Commission (NEC) declared Musa Behi Abdi, Presidential candidate for the ruling party, Kulmiye, as the fifth president of the Republic of Somaliland.Image result for muuse biixi cabdiThe announcement was the result of a country-wide polling the nation undertook on 13 November to decide a president and a vice president to take over from His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ who decided not to run for a second term in office.

The president-elect, Mr. Behi, and his Vice President, Abdirahman Ismail “Zeili’i”, landed 55.19%, equivalent to 305,909 votes out of 555,142 valid votes cast. Waddani, a fierce contestant, came next getting 40.73% which accounts for 226,092 of valid votes. UCID, the justice, and Welfare party carved 4.17% of the total for itself which meant 23,141loyal adherents stayed with it through thick and thin this being its third presidential run it came third.

For a party whose first presidential election was this one, Waddani did extremely well and could, in fact, be called the actual winner. The party was formed in 2011.

UCID and its leader, the charismatic Faisal Ali Warabe, however, won the hearts of many a would-be-voter, a fact that gives it more than a fighting chance in the next parliamentary and municipal council elections.

The November presidential election was hailed by both local and international observers as free and fair belying the numerous, ever-changing pretexts to poke holes in it on the part of Waddani.

Waddani and UCID leaders pledged to respect election results on a number of occasions leading to the day. The former, however, oscillated from ‘Naye!’ to ‘Aye!’ since then culminating in conflicting views by its leaders on Tuesday evening.

Somaliland won. That is a fact.

By virtue of what it has achieved, the international community will certainly be moved to act on its favor pretty soon – and fast.

For now, time for celebrations!

.. and a dose of the usual, good-natured inter-party banter, too..



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