Somaliland President-elect, British ambassador discuss post-election way forward


His Excellency, the newly elected president of the republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, received on Saturday the United Kingdom Ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia, David Concar, at his office.

Ambassador Concar said he, first, wished to deliver his government’s congratulatory message to the president-elect in person.

During the meeting, the ambassador recapped the two countries’ historical ties that went back to the late 1880s, and the depth of relations that developed between the two sides over the years.

Ambassador Concar encouraged the new president to revitalize the stalled talks between Somaliland and Somalia, hoping that the two sides will conclude their dialogue in a manner that was mutually acceptable and conducive to regional security, peace and development cooperation.

Ambassador also underlined his wish to see the president cap up the fruitful talks and the negotiated settlement between the government of Somaliland and the hitherto insurgent Khaatumo leadership.

On his part, the President-elect reiterated his commitment to bring dialogues his party-government has started with both Somalia and Khatumo, and that it was to the benefit of all of Somaliland that no loose ends are left unattended.

Mr. Abdi hoped that the British government will not only continue the development support it has accorded the government of Somaliland over the years but that it step up projects and help his administration meet its national goals as best as it could be.

He also hoped the UK will strengthen and consolidate the warm relations the two countries enjoyed at present.

At the meeting, Mr. Abdi was flanked by the First and Second Deputy chairmen of the ruling party, Kulmiye, Mr. Mohamed Kahin and Ahmed Abdi Dheere, respectively.

Wih Ambassador David Concar was Ms. Rosie Tapper, UK Representative in Somaliland.


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