Somaliland Constitutional Court Validates Interim Election Results


The highest court of Somaliland, today, validated the interim presidential election results which the national electoral commission submitted it a few days ago.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the results on 21 November and submitted them formally to the Constitutional Court on 23 November to officially proclaim the next president of the Republic of Somaliland – and its fifth – thus putting seal and stamp on the interim figures NEC released.

The Honorable Chief Justice, Professor Adan Haji Ali Ahmed, read the court decision, at the head of a full panel of Supreme Court judges.

CJ Adan revealed that as was constitutionally correct, the court did not announce the final results so to give time and space to anyone or institution to file a legal case against the proclaimed winner and/or to contest all or any part of the results submitted to the court.

The Chief Justice stated that as none questioned the results, the court proceeded to formalize the results declaring His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi Hildid as the 5th President of the Republic of Somaliland with H.E. Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail Shirreh ‘Zeili’i’ as Vice President.

Somaliland-born bio-registered voters, using Iris-scan identification went to the polls on 13 November to decide their leader for the next presidential term of five years. Kulmiye, the ruling party, fiercely fought for first place against worthy contenders running on Waddani and UCID tickets.

Kulmiye won on a landslide. NEC announced the results as:

  UCID Party bagged in 23 141, equivalent to 4.17%
  KULMIYE Party won by 305 909 votes, equivalent to 55.19%, where
  WADDANI Party landed 226 092, equivalent to 40.73%, placing it second.

The names of the full panel of Supreme Court judges who signed the final court decision were as follows:

  1. Hon. Adan Haji Ali, Chief Justice, presiding
  2. Hon. Mohamed Omar Gheelle
  3. Hon. Abdulkadir Ahmed Mohamed
  4. Hon. Mohamed Farah Saeed
  5. Hon. Abdirahman Jama Hayyan
  6. Hon. Abdirahman Hassan Nour
  7. Hon. Abdullahi Abdi Adan
  8. Hon. Ali-Shuaib Sheikh Ibrahim Nour
  9. Hon. Abdirahman Hussein Ainan
  10. Hon. Yahye Ali Idiris
  11. Hon. Ahmed Deria Ghalib


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