Somaliland Port Authority: Berbera Port investment building new container Terminal – work to commence very soon


Followed an article published in the Addis Fortune Weekly Business Journal entitled “Investment for Berbera Port Expansion dropped by 23pc” dated 22th May 2018
(, We can confirm that the article particularly first paragraphs contain inaccurate information ” DP world and Somaliland Port Authority have reduced the investment for expansion of Berbera Port by 23 PC continue till————— the reassessment was amended as the initial one was undertaken a couple years ago”.

This article (a) Did not reflect what we discussed; (b) Neither reported the facts communicated during the interview which occurred in the Berbera Port.

The above information is neither credible nor accurate; We confirm here the information as reported is unfounded; we never ‘drop the investment amount’ as a result the information quoted is erroneous and misleading.

The investment for Berbera Port was estimated U$442 Million dollars, this agreement has been signed and there are no discussions and no changes taking place at all.  The project is in the implementation phase currently. Somaliland will provide 30% investment in the Berbera Port, whilst Ethiopia 19% and United Arab Emirates (DP World) 51%.
In 2016, DP World and the Republic of Somaliland agreed in principle on a deal which would give DP a 30-year concession with an automatic 10-year extension for the management and development of the multipurpose port project at Berbera.

The overall Investments of up to U$442 million Dollars phased in as infrastructure and expansion of the port dependent of port volume, which will create a regional trading Hub.
Since DP world took over the port management in March 2017 the following significant improvement has been taken place:
•    Since Sep 2017, the port throughput has been increased by 20% for containers and 35% for General Cargo.
•    DP World started phase one of the port investment. The finalized Master plan of Port expansion and tender bid process of the tender will be finalized, and the winner will be announced soon.
•    DP World supplied the necessary equipment to the Port which made the Port more effective efficient and competitive.
•    The Berbera Port Custom Revenue (BPCR) has been increased significantly.
•    DP world and SPA working together enhancing the health and safety issues in the Port and implemented new policies. As a result, the new policies decreased incidents which occurred in the port for injuries or fatalities.
•    DP World is one of the largest employers of thousands of local employees. These employees receive substantial salaries and their rights have been protected.
•    DP world contributed to the local and national community development projects taking place in Somaliland and focuses on health care, education and supplying clean water.
The article contradicted the practice of ethical journalism, it also failed to take reasonability for the inaccuracy of their work, and a failure to verify information prior to publishing such an article.
a.    We demand that they retract and apologize for the inaccuracy of their article, as it was published without using original sources.
b.    The article did not provide context, by taking special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify the promoting, previewing or summarizing of such an important project for the region.
c.    We suggest that. Addis Fortune to acknowledged fully the errors, incompetence, inaccuracies made by their reporter by printing the real facts with immediate effect so as not to mislead readers or investors and of course our partners.
Yours Sincerely,

Abdi Abdillahi Hassan,
Deputy Manager director Somaliland Ports Authority



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