Somalia: NISA Director Boots His Two High-ranked Deputies Out

Director Hussein Osman

The Somalia Director of Intelligence, Hussein Osman Hussein, today, booted out both Deputy Directors of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).Image result for Sarreeye Guuto Cabdalla Cabdalla NISA

The Director asked Brigadier General Abdalla Abdalla Mohamed and Colonel Abdulkadir Mohamed Nour “Jama” to immediately abide by the decree from his office ordering their summary suspension.

Somalia NISA Director Hussein with First Deputy Abdalla Abdalla
Somalia NISA Director Hussein with Second Deputy Col. Abdulkadir M Nour ‘Jama’

The Director did not even attempt to justify the officers’ expulsion which was interpreted in many quarters as an intentional humiliation to two large clans of Federal Somalia: the Habr Gidr and Dir. Others pointed the finger at the President, himself, who, they say, sanctioned the officers’ relief from duty.

At least, one other source indicated that since Director Hussein was not good terms with the Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyrre, he, today, secured the requisite clout to kick out his deputies through him the PM was, of late, using to pass down directives to the agency, bypassing the Director.

The Director’s letter obliquely refers to a necessity for streamlining intelligence issues which may or may not be blaming the officers for dereliction of duty which may explain the relative ease in which the Islamist militants, Al Shabab, carried out the latest attacks on the Ministry of Interior and National Security and the Presidency, respectively, within a week or so of one another.

It has become of a norm to blame high intelligence, police or military officers on major Al Shabaab attacks in the struggling capital city, Mogadishu, to quell down criticisms gunned at the leadership. 

Feature Image: NISA Director Hussein Osman Hussein


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