Mandera East residents want KDF pulled out of Somalia, sent to border


Mandera East residents have petitioned the National Assembly to push for the withdrawal of KDF from Somalia over increased attacks on Kenyans along the border.

The residents, through MP Omar Mohamed, have drafted a petition to be tabled in the House tomorrow.

They want the House Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations, chaired by Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito, to recommend the withdrawal of Kenya Defence Forces from Somalia and soldiers redeployment along the border.

“The committee should carry out comprehensive investigations on the adverse effects occasioned by the protracted al Shabaab and other terrorist attacks on the communities residing along Kenya’s border with Somalia,” the petition reads.

On October 2011, the government launched Operation Linda Nchi, following repeated incursions and attacks within Kenya by al Shabaab militants.

“While acknowledging the initial intention of the government in deploying the Kenya Defence Forces to Somalia was in the interest of peace, the ripple effect is escalating attacks on our citizens,” the petition says.

Residents say KDF soldiers and other security agencies have over the years suffered casualties.

They said redeploying the troops to the border would deter and defeat terrorists seeking to sneak into the country.

The nature of the threat has significantly changed, with al Shabaab and other terror groups now carrying out revenge attacks against KDF troops and communities along the border, they say.

“These terror attacks have detrimental effects, including decline of health, education, economy and living standards in the areas due to desertion by health workers, teachers and other migrant workers who left these areas out of fear for their lives,” the petitioners says.

By JAMES MURIMI @jamesmurymy


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