Somaliland President Appoints New Chiefs For Coast Guard, Sool Region


Among decreed changes that His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi,  made to a few areas in his government were top positions in the Somaliland Coast Guard – which doubles up as the country’s marine force – and Sool region.

The president, in a decree his office released to the press, today, appointed Admiral Mohamed Hussein Farah ‘Hiraneh’ to Coast Guard to replace Admiral Andi Hersi Duale who moves to a brand new place at the Presidency as Advisor to the President on Marine Security.

Sool region gets a new governor at a time the region is on a touch-and-go conflict situation with a possible, costly military engagement to erupt again between the Somaliland army and a ragtag but multitudinous hordes upon hordes of clan militias gathered from all over Puntland, Sool itself and Buuhoodle to face them to, ostensibly, ‘liberate the region’ and defend Garowe, the Puntland seat of administration from probable repercussions.

Image result for Ali Aliyow Agaasimaha Guud ee Warfaafinta
Ex-DG Aliyow (left) sacked for spat with Minister Guri-Barwaaqo (right)?

Abdirashid Hussein Abdulle ‘Gargaar’ is the new regional Governor taking the helm from the indefatigable but somewhat controversial Abdi Khayrre Dirir.

The President removed Ali Mohamed Ali Nour ‘Ali Aliyow’ from the Directorship of the Ministry of Information and Culture. This move, out of all the others, drew the wrath of social media subscribers, especially Facebook for siding with the Minister against the ministry’s Director General. Subscribers contended that since the Minister was of the President’s clan and the DG hailed far Eastern Sanaag – a man who had impressive communication skills, he should have, at the least, transferred him to another post instead of booting him completely out of the system which was seen as a harsh punishment that said it all. This latest altercation with DG Aliyow is the third or fourth win on controversial incidents for Minister Guribarwaaqo involving ministry staff or wide sections of the population without so much as a knuckle-rap from his boss, the president.Dr. Osman Hussein Warsame Abdi, presently the DG of Commerce, moves on to Information to take over from Ali Aliyow.

Other officers accredited in today’s decree included:

  1. Mustafe Godane Ali Bile, Director General of Commerce, Tourism and Industry to replace Dr. Osman.
  2. Amal Abdi Hussein becomes the new Deputy Director of the Somaliland Quality Control Agency.


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