‘Somaliland Is United In National Defense’ – Ex-Minister Sulub Tells Puntland


Ex-Minister Saeed Sulub Mohamed, the outspoken Somaliland Minister of Public Works under ex-President Rayale Kahin, told Puntland that it should not be misled by derogatory terms which Somaliland political figures used among themselves.

Mr. Sulub scoffed at the idea saying that the Somalia Federal State of Puntland should not be lead astray by the misconception of a divided Somaliland.

“Somaliland is one when it comes to national defense,” he said.

Puntland politicians, for one, had been using the word ‘Jeegaan” (Rainbow) to refer to the incumbent government of President Musa Bihi Abdi. The term was coined from an alliance of the President’s power base in Hargeisa and Gabiley and East of Burao communities which, together, soundly defeated Waddani party, the closest runner-up to the President’s Kulmiye ruling party.

“You should not busy yourselves on ‘Jeegaan’ and the like,” he gunned at Puntland. “Somaliland is indivisible on national issues,” he said.

The Ex-Minister called on Puntland to accept Somaliland’s oft-repeated calls for peace and dialogue.

Mr. Sulub, directly addressing the armed forces, facing the invading Puntlanders in the Tukkaraq area, told them: “You are in your country, within your geographical borders. If Puntland attacks deal them a blow which teaches them an unforgettable lesson”.

“I do not honestly know of another option to the peace and co-existence which the Somaliland government is calling you to,” he informed a persistently belligerent Puntland.

Members of the Puntland administration right from its President, Abdiweli Gass, down to what it calls the Defense Committee, have habitually shown an unhealthy appetite for more bloodshed and strife in the region by constantly beating raucous war drums, demanding unrealistic terms and canvassing for more and more clan-based support for an all-out offensive against the more disciplined national army of the Republic of Somaliland based at the Tukkaraq front.

The said committee holds frequent press conferences that never change tune, tone or content, always vowing a blow against Somaliland, always claiming sovereignty over vast areas within the an unrecognized, de facto republic.

On the other hand, Somaliland always calls for peace and reconciliation which, obviously, Puntland leaders misconstrue as weakness and uncertainty.

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