Somaliland: 1500 to begin registration for National Service


According to an announce the Director of the National Service program, Mohamed Hussein ‘ Mu’addin’ made public, Wednesday, 1500 university graduates will begin registering for a one-year national duty in teaching, civil service and military services.

As has been made public previously by the President’s office, 1000 of those going on duty will be males and 500 females.

Men will be put on a three-month physical training at Dararweine, a military training academy. The girls will be trained in cities of their  choice or origin for teaching and civil service responsibilities.

Following the three-month induction training, the undergraduates will go on a nine-month service in either of the civil service sector, education or military at the end of which each sector will fully employ those who had  completed the stint if duty in that sector.

Successfully completing that first year, these first 1500 and those who will follow on their heels in coming years will only be considered for scholarships. Furthermore, neither security forces nor the civil service will not employ anybody who has skipped national service.

For the first time in history, undergraduates who are handicapped in some way or another will have equal opportunity on employment as their peers. The government provided a set number of intake to program for each region.

Below is how regions will divide number of undergraduates given it in terms of males, females, handicapped and total intake of candidates, respectively.

  1.  Maroodijeex      253    115   20     390
  2. Togdheer           136      63   11     210
  3. Sahil                 071      33   06     110
  4. Sanaag             214      99   17     330
  5. Sool                 156       72  12     240
  6. Awdal               154       50  14    220

Eligibilty is fairly easy for interested candidates. One must prove his/her Somaliland citizenship, of being an undergraduate and of clean criminal record.

Registration will begin on Saturday, 17 November, to continuefor aweek ending 22 November 2018.


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