Somalia NSA chief vows vengeance against Al Shabaab


Major General Dahir Adan Ali ‘Indha-Qarshe’, the Somalia National Army (NSA) Commander, vowed, Friday, to avenge the death of two senior officers Al Shabaab killed on Thursday.

General Af-Qarshe, speaking at a funeral service conducted for two slain generals near Dhanaane village of the Lower Shabelle region, south of the capital, Mogadishu, stated that their death will not go un-avenged.

“We solemnly promised that these sworn foes (Shabaab) will receive a just retribution for the deaths of NSA Generals Omar Adan Hassan (Omar Dheere), the Commander of the 12th Division and the Division’s Chief of Operations, General Abdi Ali Jamaame,” he said.The generals, along with an unspecified number of servicemen, were traveling on the coastal road linking the capital to the seaside provincial capital of Merka, when they were hit by a roadside mine, instantly killing them.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility immediately afterward putting the number of officers who died along with the two generals as 8. The movement also said the deadly incident happened not far from Mogadishu a stone’s throw from the old tourist area of Mogadishu’s Jezira on the Mogadishu-Dhanaane-Merka road.

The President of Federal Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Framajo’, and his Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khayre, took part at the service held in one of the major mosques in the beleagured capital.

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