Jawar Mohammed Warns of Destablization Activities Targeting Ethiopia Somali State


Jawar Mohammed,  a leading figure and reformist in the Oromo protest movements, warned of saboteurs fomenting  ‘coordinated’ destabilization activities against the Somali State, Eastern Ethiopia.

Mr. Mohammed, in a Facebook post he shard, states that there was a plan concocted by these elements to plunge the state back to dark, foreboding times in which blood and mayhem would be the order of the day.

Jawar writes:

“There is coordinated effort to destabilize Somali region once again. The plan goes like this:
– Instigating communal violence ( Garri vs Borana, Issa vs Afar, etc). To achieve this they are using former Illey officials, Heego and remnants of Liyu Police
– Create false narrative that the region has become ungovernable and being taken over by ‘enemy’. They have been misinforming federal security and military officials including false claim that ONLF is training 50,000 ( yes FIFTY THOUSANDS) soldiers. Also that the dead Al Ithad is taking cover the government and so on.
– Force out the president claiming he is unable to govern. To help them achieve this they have bought some individuals within EPRDF secretariat.
– Secure release of Abdi Illey with the claim that he is the only one able to control the region ( I know this plan for a fact because I was lobbied personally not to oppose it).

Some federal officials are falling to this trap naively while others are coopted through bribery. Imagine the consequences to security of the region and the country if this conspiracy succeeds as planned. Such recklessness!! Who is the mastermind, the trojan horse and the broker? I will reveal in due time.

To my Somali brothers and sisters, if you appreciate the relative peace and freedom you have enjoyed after removal of Illey, I advice you to beware of whats is being cooked for you to take you back to the darkness. If you don’t like your regional government, YOU challenge or change them, no one else. Not Abdi Illeys trojan horse. Not Weyane sleeper cells. Not those bought-out EPRDF party hacks.

To the conspirators, back off. You will not succeed. The freedom train was not stopped by Weyane and it will not be reversed by its remnants. Somali region, Ethiopia and Horn Africa are moving forward. Try to block it, you will be crushed. Mark my word, remember how we work!!”


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