Veteran broadcaster and author, Mohamed Hassan Ali ‘Weji’ takes over the helm of the national television from another long-time media man, Musa Farah Ibrahim ‘Chamber’.

Abdirahman Farah Abdullahi ‘Guribarwaqo’ appointed the over 50-year media expert to take on the leadership of the Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) on a circular his office released Sunday.

The Minister thanked the outgoing CEO, Mr. Chamber, for the and effort he put at the TV during his term which started with the change of government at the Presidency.

Mr. Mohamed Hassan Weji has started his career as a teacher in the 70s but has joined the Somalia ministry of information’s state radio in Mogadishu as a reporter, programme producer and newscaster in the early 80s where he found the true call of his vocation.

His talent and the resonance of his voice soon earned him quite a following which stood him in good stead in a reborn Somaliland, too.

Weji has become an icon in the broadcasting world of Somaliland where young generations of upcoming media practitioners look up to him as a role model, a teacher and a guide worthy of emulation.

Weji has a tall order on his desk as the SLNTV has, for a long time, been criticized for lagging behind other Somaliland-owned but privately owned stations which appear to have carved the bulk of viewers to their corner.

The Minister’s directive is an attempt to resuscitate a waning trust in the state-run station.


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