Somaliland Livestock Will Be Exported to SA, Gulf Countries Without Somalia Say So


The Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Livestock and Fisheries, Jamal Aideed Ibrahim, Sunday, announced that Somaliland livestock will be exported to the Saudi Kingdom, other Gulf countries and wherever else a market is available without either a covert not an overt intervention on the part of Federal Somalia.

Jamal Aideed, at a conference he held at the Chamber offices, Hargeisa, stated that the Kingdom has lifted a condition it has previously attached to the export of livestock, probably on behest of the weak federal government in Mogadishu.

The condition stipulated that a certificate attesting to the sound health of livestock exported be originated by Somalia – as different from the Republic of Somaliland.

“Somaliland livestock was never exported on a certificate from Somalia. Since 1993, the Ministry of Livestock was issuing the requisite certificate of Health while the Chamber issued the Certificate of Origin,” he said.

Jamal revealed that Saudi livestock exporters communicated with the Chamber, Somaliland exporters and the Ministry establishing the Saudi Kingdom has lifted the offending condition from Somaliland livestock export and that said export will follow along the lines it traditionally followed over the years.

Jamal, also, lauded the stand that, together, the Somaliland business community and the government took which declared that Somaliland would rather not export a single head of sheep than bow to the Somalia-instigated condition.


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