Somaliland: National Examination Board Announces Results for 2018/19


The Chairman of the National Examination Board of the Republic of Somaliland, Daud Ahmed Farah, declared that 92% of students who sat for secondary and upper primary final exams passed.

The examination board, Thursday, published the final results of the exams.

The total per cent passed, however, does not add up as the Chairman proclaimed.

In total, 29, 493 students reached and finished form 4 secondary schools and class 8, upper primary, schools.

Out of this total, 25,825 passed, making the exact per cent of students successfully eligible for next stages in their academic quest 87.5%.

For the intermediate/upper primary schools exam, 19 874 sat for the exams, 17 038 passed, and 2,562 failed to make it. Again for only this lot, 87.5% passed of the total.

Out of the secondary schools’ total students who sat for the finals, numbering 9,691, 8 787 passed, making the total percentage of students passed 90.6%.

Exams were conducted across all the regions: Badhan, Awdal, Buhodle, Daadmadhedh, Gabiley, Hawd, Marodijeh, Togdheer, Sahel, Selel, sanaag, Saraar, & Sool as below.

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A recent report certified Somaliland educational strategies and schools management as very successful keeping enrollment and retention steady without prohibitive costs.



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