Somaliland Must Stop All Talks With Somalia


Somaliland Government should suspend all talks with Federal Somalia as long as Somalia claims that members hailing from Somaliland in its parliament, government and judiciary represent Somaliland Republic. This implies that Somaliland Republic doesn’t exist and it is still part of Somalia.

This laughable and irrational claim violates Somaliland #sovereignty, #internal affairs and its commitment to international diplomatic #recognition. It is a political war, it is hit job to undermine Somaliland recognition. It is also disparaging and insulting to #Somaliland prestige, dignity and intelligence as #independent nation. This is overdue action that should have been taken long time ago to eliminate this political threat.

The two legislative bodies (Senate and House) of Somaliland Republic need to debate the grave political consequences of this threatening politics of Federal Somalia against the existence and independence of Somaliland Republic. New laws are required to counter the political subversion of Somalia against Somaliland in all necessary areas to protect and defend Somaliland eliminating all #political, #social and #economic hostile influences.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

Somaliland Sovereignty Advocate


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