Somalia: Farmajo Sends More Military Might to Gedo to Force a Showdown with Jubaland


To apparently force a favourable outcome to his liking in the supremacy battle for Jubaland between him and the regional state President, Ahmed Islam ‘Madoobe’, Federal Somalia President, Mohamed Farmajo, sent more elite troops to Gedo.

Reports state that more than a 100-member unit which was fully-equipped and mechanized was sent to one of the largest regions of Jubaland in another attempt to hammer home that Villa Somalia could decide who was to run any given federal state or bust.

The huge Federal army presence in Gedo region as at the head of several contentious issues which has of recent strained relations between Mogadishu and Kismayu.

Ahmed Madoobe believes – and not so wrongly going by precedents – that the aim behind the amassment of troops loyal to Villa Somalia in the Gedo region was a precursor to a complete political takeover to dictate who was to be elected to parliament in the region.

Except for Puntland and Jubaland, Farmajo and his security elements had played a major subversive in all elections which happened in the other three federal member states of Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Southwest.

Villa Somalia decided presidents for all three, installing puppet figureheads. And so it did with the states’ members of Parliament.

The last meeting between Villa Somalia and the five federal states in September resolved that each federal state will have two cities in which the upcoming selection of MPs will be picked.

Garbaharey and Kismayu were allotted to Jubaland. Taking Garbharrey away from the federal state meant half of the MPs of the state will only be loyal to Villa Somalia and would not heed or follow state policies.

Ahmed protested. The confederation of Somalia presidential hopefuls protested.

Protestations only earned more troops reinforcing SNA presence in Gedo for Jubaland, and a semi-severance of diplomatic ties with Kenya on suspicion of the latter encouraging Jubaland to stand its ground.


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