Stunned Somalia Orders Kenyan Diplomats to Leave Country Within Seven Days


The Somalia government at Mogadishu’s Villa Somalia announced late last evening that it has completely severed diplomatic relations with Kenya and that Kenyan diplomats were persona non grata henceforth.

The announcement read out by its Information Minister, Osman Abokor Dubbeh, at a late hour on Monday evening, stated that Somalia has decided to completely severe diplomatic relations with the Kenyan republic.

“The Somalia federal government, drawing on its internationally mandated right to protect its sovereignty, statehood and stability of the nation, decided to sever diplomatic relations with Kenya,” the statement said.

The statement went on to say that the federal government was, effective from Tuesday, recalling all of its diplomats stationed in Kenya.

Leaving diplomatic suavity behind, the Minister used denigrating language in relation to Kenyan diplomats in. Somalia.

“It (Somalia) orders those of it (Kenya) staying here to get out within seven days,” he said.

Reasoning the decision, the minister stated that Kenya was found guilty of continued aggressions against Somalia’s sovereignty.

“The federal government of Somalia has reached this decision to respond to the continued politician interferences and naked aggression which the Kenyan government had of late trained on Somalia sovereignty,” the statement declared.

The statement, however, fell short of specifying which Kenya actions it deemed an interference, number of incidents and brackets of time they occurred.

The patchwork government of Somalia which the international community has spent billions of US Dollars to prop up in recent years has yet to secure dependable peace in the capital, itself, let alone the rest of the country.

Instead, the government of President Farmajo has drawn up a destabilizing agenda which left no member state safe.

Sabotages which Villa Somalia financed reached as far afield as the Republic of Somaliland which was a better, more stable, more democratic country tah. Somalia could hope for in the foreseeable years.

There are over 20 000 international peacekeepers currently on duty in Somalia. Many more work under cover and behind various camouflages

Somaliland reclaimed its sovereignty in 1991 from a failed merger with Italian Somalia in 1960.

One of the reasons the union failed was that the two countries never signed a power and resource-sharing agreement at the time.

Another reason was, due largely to above, a disastrous Somalia domination of Somaliland took root right from the start with Somalia sequestering all top posts in government, army, legislative and judiciary for itself.

The situation ended in an all-out rebellion against the tyranny starting in the then northern regions (Somaliland) in the ’80s following a wide purge and persecution of its citizens and the open pillage of all resources, destruction of cities and denial of all basic rights.

An estimated 200 000 lives had been killed or maimed by the then Somalia-dominated military regime. Mass graves, including children and mothers cradling babies, are dotted around the country most of whom still unearthed.

Somalia – for reasons only known to itself – still kids itself on non-existent jurisdiction over Somaliland which it can neither defend legally nor physically.

The current, official visit of his Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, to Kenya, may have finally driven Somalia berserk although it shied from say so on its Monday statement.

Somaliland hosts a large Kenyan community which live in peace and harmony in Somaliland.

Relations between the two countries had been on the up and up for the past ten years or so with statesmen such as Raila Odinga and Peter Munye visiting the country on several occasions.


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