Somalia: Revelations of a 2-Metre Space. General Indhacadde Questions Gen. Galal’s Death


General Yussuf Mohamed Siyaad ‘Indhacadde’ raised a number of observations that cast doubt on the government version of how General Mohamed Nur Galal met his end during the Hotel Afrik siege of Sunday.

Gen. Galaal oo lagu dilay weerarka Hotelka Afrik – Puntland Post
General Galal

General Indhacadde pointed out a number of telltale signs which tell a totally different story of what happened in two-square metre in the hotel room in which the late general stayed and was killed. Among these are:

    1. The single gunshot which killed the general was on the back of his head. A man fighting with attackers would have sustained frontal gunshots rather than on the back of his head.
    2. The bodies of two al-Shabaab fighters were found in the same, upper-floor room – and within a two-metre space of the general’s. One of the dead fighters was still clutching an unexploded F1 hand grenade. That the general supposedly killed the assailants but was shot in the back of the head at the same time seemed incongruous as it was improbable.
    3.  2 of 4 gunmen – as officially released – are found in same room dead
    4. The lay of the bodies, the blood, absence of signs to have been associated with the struggle and the death of three people in such close proximity.
    5. Bloody and imprint on the bed where one of the dead fighters was laid that did not belong to either of the 3 dead men
    6. The general’s body was found on the veranda of the room and there were no signs of forced entry.
    7. All the CCTV cameras of the hotel – even those in the floors which the government forces took were destroyed beyond repair and nothing of the recorded was anywhere to be found.

General Indhcadde in an interview he granted KNN – a Mogadishu based media network – concluded that that the general was not killed by Shabaab gunmen as the government contended.

General Indhacadde believes the two gunmen were killed elsewhere and moved to General Galal’s room as planted, false evidence to conceal another trail.

He said what could be read from the 2 sq. metres in that hotel room, the broken cameras, the missing data, the floor in which the killing supposedly happened, and many more equally questionable signs  could not be reconciled with the government statement.

The general also refuted earlier reports that he was rescued from a certain end at the hotel by the government forces. He said the opposite was true. He, in fact, was part of the rescue team for which purpose he came to the hotel.

General Indhacadde the security forces of Somalia’s presidential hopefuls who had felt government security forces breathing down their necks on sebveral occasions. Government security, they accused, broke up several of their meetings and openly made threatening statements against their lives.

General Galaal’s body was air-transported on Tuesday to Adado in the central Somalia federal member state of Galgudud where he was laid to rest.



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