Somaliland: Icy Rain in Hargeisa

Innenstadt von Hargeisa, Hauptstadt Somaliland

Thus far, the heaviest showers in recent months have laid siege to Hargeisa, the capital city of the Republic of Somaliland, Monday.

The showers started right on the heels of thick swarms of locusts that have blanketed the city with wave after wave passing over it flying – mostly – eastwards.

As alarming as that was, then started intermittent spurts of cold showers which sooner than said built up to torrential strengths.

Trees started to violently shake as if attempting to wrench out of the earth. Leaves started to fall. Makeshift homes started splintering in some areas.

It was then the showers changed volume, intensity and temperature.

Thick globules started hitting the ground. The showers became more like snowfall than the watery deluges they usually were – only the rocky ice was neither fluffy nor light but heavy-hitting like fair-sized, bigger pebbles soon building white mounds on the ground, on the roofs and on every surface they landed.

The damage of the heavy showers have not been yet aired but one may expect some and some assessing the length and intensity of the showers which are still battering the roofs well into an hour and a half.

Hargeisa and adjacent areas enjoy sort of autumn rains locally known as Karan taking the place of Deyr rains which the area does not get much of.

Reports coming in from other parts of the country also tell of similar rains and icy, gusty showers.



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