Somaliland: HoR Speaker Names Sub-Committees


The Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed, today, named the House Sub-committees.

Abdirizak Saeed Ayanleh, General-Secretary of the House, reading out the composition of each sub-committee at a press conference he held at the Parliament, stated that, besides the Standing Committee of the House, 9 other sub-committees will take over House operations along the lines designated them.

The Committees are as follows:

The Standing Committee (13 members)

  1. Ahmed Musa Jama
  2. Faisal Yussuf Jama
  3. Nur Osman Guleid
  4. Sulieman Mohamed Farah
  5. Hassan Ahmed Elmi
  6. Abdullahi Musa Abdi
  7. Ahmed-Yassin Mohamed Hassan
  8. Mohamoud Farah Jama
  9. Ahmed Abdi Musa
  10. Ahmed Hassan Ali
  11. Mohamoud Salah Abdi
  12. Bile Abdi Duale
  13. Abdihakim Hugur Abdi

Economy & Trade (9)

  1. Mukhtar Ibrahim Hashi

2. Abiibakar Saeed Ali

3. Mohamed Khadar Dahir

4. Abdikariim Mohamed Muhumed

5. Ahmed Mohamed Hurre

6. Abdilahi Yousuf Ahmed

7. Abdirashiid Abdilaahi Muse

8. Saeed Jama Hassan

9.  Abdikariim Adan Ali Dubad

Public Works and Technology (7)




Nuradiin Ahmed Dayib


Jamal Adan Diriye

3 Ahmed Mohamud Abdilahi



Saleeban Ahmed Arab

5 Eng Hirsi Abdilahi Hirsi



Ali Husein Nur


Ali Jama Arrale


Public Accounts (7)

1 Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Kaare)
2 Saeed Mohamed lsmail
3 Maxamed Abiib Yusuf Jamac
4 Eng Ahmed Abdi Ibrahim
5 Jama Ahmed Ogle
6 Hassan Omar Hassan
7 Mustafe Ahmed Abdilahi


Justice & Humanitarian Affairs (7)

  1. Barkhad Jaamac Hirsi Batuun
  2. Guled Mohamed Warsame
3. Yahye Abdilahi Aamin
4. Abdilahi Sh. Muhumed Ahmed
5. Fu’ad Ahmed Diiriye
6. Khadar Ali Hassan
7. Amiin Saleeban Jama


Environment, Natural Resource and Energy (7)

1 Mubarik Muse lsmail
2 Abokor Farah Warsame
3 Abdikariin Me’ad lsaq
4 Abdikarim Adan Omar
5 Mohamed Osman Mohamed
6 Ibrahim Ali Jama
7 Jamal Ali Adan J


Policy, Foreign Affairs and International Relations (8)

  1. Yasin Mohamud Hiir
  2. Mohamed Hussein Jama
  3. Bashiir Hussein Hirsi
  4. Mohamed Hassan Saeed
  5. Qasim Adan Saleeban
  6. Husein lsmail Jama
  7. Mohamed Jama Ismail
  8. Omar Jama Farah

Internal Affairs, Defense and Security (8)

  1. Abdiqani Mohamed Adan
  2. Mukhtar Hassan Maydhane
  3. Saleeban Diriye Barre
  4. Saleebaan Nur Warsame
  5. Ahmed Yussuf Nur
  6. Abdirahman Yussuf Mohamed
  7. Jama Abokor Mohamed
  8. Mohamed Jama Liban

Sharia and Culture (6)

  1. Ahmed Dayib Ahmed
  2. Mohamud Hayir Duale
  3. Abdinassir Yusuf Osman
  4. Adan Osman Harbi
  5. Jimale Ahmed Elmi
  6. Hussein Adan Abdi

Social Affairs (7)

  1. Ahmed Jama Salah
  2. Hassan Suleiman Dhuhul
  3. Mubarik Hussein Mohamed
  4. Mohamed Hussein Maydhane
  5. Salah Mohamed Diriye
  6. Ahmed Abdi Duale
  7. Ibrahim Mohamed Jama

The Secretary-General urged the subcommittees to elect the Chair and Deputy Chair from among themselves within two days from the day of the appointment.

The formation of the sub-committees completes preliminary preparations ahead of a full swing to work as the House gears up for the tasks ahead.

READ the PDF Copy below:

HoR Sub-committees



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