Somalis in Tech Announce Virtual Hackathon on Climate Change


Somalis in Tech announces the launch of its second annual virtual Hackathon on Climate Change – Press Release

Somalis in Tech says, “The regularity of climate-related shocks in Somali territories is incredibly concerning. In a region where large amounts of the population depend upon pastoralism and agriculture for income and sustenance – this can have a disastrous impact on the livelihoods and security of rural communities.”

“Climate Change and environmental security is the greatest issue faced by the world today. But research has shown that its most devastating impacts are felt by the communities closest to us, Somalis in Tech says.

This year’s climate change theme is in line with the organisation’s focus on tackling relevant and current issues. 2020 saw the world face an unprecedented global pandemic, where around the world communities of colour were disproportionately impacted. In October 2020, the organisation hosted its very first hackathon which saw participants develop tech-based solutions to support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“ This event is open to everyone from all skill sets and backgrounds. The aim of the weekend is to create something that will benefit the community. It is also about developing participants tech skills and helping them along on their career journey,” Somalis in Tech states.

The event takes place between the 29-31st of October. Participants will be placed in teams and work together throughout the weekend to develop tech-based solutions to climate change issues.

“This event is open to everyone from all skill sets and backgrounds. It will be an opportunity for participants to think in new and innovative ways about technology. How can we bridge tech with the wider world and use digital solutions to have a sustainable impact?” Somalis in Tech says.


For sign-ups and further information, please visit

About Somalis in Tech


Founded in 2020, Somalis in Tech is a registered social enterprise that seeks to increase the visibility and representation of Somali talent in the tech industry. It aims to support the upskilling of the community into tech roles, and provide them with space and resources to connect and collaborate. It is a global community with over 1,100 members around the world.


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