Nominee Commissioners for Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission Publicized


The House of Peoples Representatives (HPR) announced 42 nominee commissioners for the National Dialogue Commission. They are selected from the submitted public nomination that was open for the populace.

The list of the nominees includes prominent individuals from various academic, leadership & professional backgrounds, among which women are Ambassador Tadelech Hailemichael, Hirut Gebreselassie, Ayrorit M/Diyasin (Ph.D.), and Zenebwork Tadesse.

The general public is invited to forward its comments on the nominated individuals for five consecutive days starting from Feb 4 through the House’s web portal. Out of the nominated commissioners, 11 will be screened to be finally presented to the HPR by the House’s Speaker for final approval.

The prospect commissioners have a three years term of office, which will be extended if necessary.

The nomination and selection process of the commissioners is handled by a committee established to undertake tasks from the process of nomination to their appointment. A consulting team to the committee is also set to ensure a transparent, fair, and participatory process, according to the HPR.

“Given a number of responsibilities laid on the consulting team, it is basically expected to advise the Speaker of the House in selecting the fittest candidates who highly qualify the requirements put in the proclamation.”

Led by the Speaker of the HPR, Tagesse Chafo, the consulting team includes the Speaker of the House of Federation, President of the Federal Supreme Court, representatives of Inter-Religious Council, and Civic Societies Consortium.

The bill to establish the National Dialogue Commission was approved by the HPR on Dec 29, with the rationale of paving the way for national consensus and keeping the integrity of the country.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government promised to create such a commission to establish a common ground on contentious issues.

Recently the government released political prisoners such as  Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, and Eskinder Nega stating that it was a move taken to make the upcoming national dialogue more inclusive.

The international community had been calling for an inclusive national dialogue, since the conflict erupted in Northern Ethiopia killing thousands of civilians and displacing millions.

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The list of nominees is as follows :

1.Prof. Tirusew Tefera

2. Bedilu Wakjira

3..Professor Afework Bekele Simegne

4. Ato Zegeye Asfaw Abdi

5.Ambassador Tadelech H/Mikael

6. Prof. Tilahun Teshome

7.Ato Haile Gebre Suse

8. Prof. Baye Yimam

9.Dr. Semir Yesuf

10. Dr. Abdissa Zeray Bemano

11. Prof. Habtamu Wondimu

12.Ato Gemechu Dubiso Gudina

13. Ato Samuel Tassew Tefera

14. Ambassador Muel G/Hiwot W/Selassie

15.Ato Ahmed Husen Mohammed

16. Prof. Mesfin Araya

17.Dr. Abera Deresa

18. W/o Hirut G/Selassie Oda

19.Ambassador Mohammed Dirir

20. Ato Nigusu Aklilu

21. Prof. Yaekob Arsano

22.Ato Tesfaye Habiso

23.Dr Ayiforit M/Diyasin

24.Prof. Kifle W/Mikael Hajeto

25.Dr. Tegegnework Getu Mengesha

26.Prof. Kassahun Birhanu Alemu

27. Ato Abate Kisho Hora

28.Dr. Dawit Yohannes

29. Prof. Hizkias Asefa

30. Dr. Takele Seboka

31. Getahun Husen Shikur

32.Ato Bekele Gutema Jebesa

33.Prof. Daniel Kitaw

34 W/O Zenebuwork Tadesse Markos

35.Ato Ibrahim Mulushewa Eshete

36.Prof. Zekarias Kenea Tsegera

37. Ato Melaku W/Mariam

38.Dr. Yonas Adaye

39.Dr. Wedajo W/Ghiorgis

40. Andargachew Assegid

41.Dr. Mulugeta Aregawi

42. Dr. Negaligne Berhanu Baye

Source: Borkena


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