The United States expressed its pleasure that Somaliland was among nations that supported Taiwan in the African continent.

“The U.S. is happy that it has friends in Africa like Somaliland who support Africa,” Senator Jim Risch, R-Idaho, of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stated in a tweet Friday.

Recognition of Taiwanese partnership from the international community will only continue to grow in the face of a dangerous and malign Chin,” the statement added.

Senator Risch is among a growing number of senators and members of Congress who favor strong relations between the two nations and a full diplomatic recognition for Somaliland.

The Senate Committee expression reflected the thawing relations between the Republic of Somaliland and the united States which rested on mutual interests including a common stand on regional security, democracy and human rights despite the occasional hiccups here and there.

Somaliland defied Chinese pressure and formed strong relations with Taiwan in 2020.


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