AirPods And Other In-Ear Headphones Are Health Hazards – Experts


There are billions of people across the globe using cell phones, and many choose to hear the audio from their devices with in-ear headphones or Apple AirPods. The headphones block out outside noise and allow users to better hear the voices, video, music and podcasts from their phone, however, they could also be causing significant harm.

Researchers have learned that repeated and long-term use of the headphones could lead to a build-up of earwax. One expert explained, “If we put an earbud in, like we see in the in-ear earphones, they end up compressing that area. They end up blocking natural escape routes, compress it and maintain a warm environment which inhibits the wax from drying out and cause all kinds of issues.”

That might sound like it is just an unsightly inconvenience, but the problems it causes are serious, and among them are dizziness, pain and vertigo.

Another tech expert weighed in to add that the human body has not adapted to the gadgets, and while in-ear headphones might be comfortable, that doesn’t mean they are good for your health. He said, “Technology has become an addendum to our bodies, so we don’t even realize. They design products that we get addicted to on purpose so that they can maximize their profits.”

So what can you do? Based on the studies, it seems you might be better off with over-ear headphones.

By Dave Basner

John Jay and Rich


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