Uganda Sends Another 1500 Troops to Somalia


The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) on Dec 13th sent a total of 1556 peacekeepers to Somalia to replace an equal number of fighters who have been recalled from the battlefield after serving for one year.

The troops under UGABAG XXXVII were flagged off by the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi at the Peace Support Operations Centre, Singo in Nakaseke district to replace UGABAG XXXIV.

Speaking to the troops, Gen Mbadi applauded partners for supporting the UPDF in its pre-deployment training to ensure the soldiers are fit for the job.

He on the other side urged soldiers to be patriotic and disciplined as they execute their duties in Somalia.

‘’You have been ably trained and we are satisfied with your readiness, we ask for nothing else but exceptional performance. The Somali people have their own culture and this is the reason why you undergo vigorous training before you step foot in Somalia therefore, work harder to consolidate your predecessor’s achievements,” Gen Mbadi said.


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