Mogadishu Civil Aviation Authority is currently facing challenges as it issues conflicting NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) regarding aviation safety over Somalia and Somaliland airspace.

The initial NOTAM, released on February 13, 2024, detailed restrictions due to disruptions on a specific radio frequency essential for the Mogadishu Control Area. It specified that no traffic clearance would be authorized within certain latitudinal zones except under strict conditions.

A subsequent NOTAM, issued on May 2, 2024, reiterated the constraints associated with radio frequency interference, outlining precise broadcast timings and operational conditions mandatory for aircraft in affected areas.

These directives are going to cause significant operational complications for flights over parts of Somalia and Somaliland, establishing extensive no-fly zones and rigorous controls on critical radio frequencies to ensure aviation safety.

The maps included in the notices delineate areas where aircraft must either avoid or navigate with heightened caution due to potential communication hazards posed by unauthorized radio interference.

The enforcement of these measures, which are slated to remain until the end of June 2024, reflects the ongoing difficulties in regulating air traffic amidst airspace management dispute between Somaliland and the regime in Mogadishu in these strategically vital airspaces.

Airlines and pilots navigating these regions are advised to regularly consult the latest updates and adhere strictly to these guidelines to minimize disruptions and maintain safety standards.

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