Madasha As I would like my opinion be respected by others, equally I respect the opinion of others subject these opinions did not constitute any conflict with our constitution. Somaliland has a constitution which lays down the relationship between the individual citizens, the executive power of the government, our two houses of parliament, our judiciary power and three political parties. Our government has an executive power, our two parliaments have legislative power and our courts of law have Judicative Power. Our constitution is the supreme law of Somaliland and the same guarantees equal rights to all our citizens, without discrimination from each other. Our constitution consists of chapters and chapters. General provisions articles 1-7, general principles 8 -20, the rights of the individual, fundamental freedoms and the duties of the citizen 21-37, the legislative branch 38-56, the house of elders57-79, the executive  80-96, the Judiciary 97-106 and  miscellaneous provisions 107-130 articles. The name Madasha is not in any chapters or article of our constitution. It is a foreign body which some elements of our society wish to import to our constitution. The first obligatory duty of every citizen of Somaliland is respect his/her constitution and every Somaliland citizen who is not willing to respect our constitution lacks the characteristics of true citizen.

My intention is not all to scale down the images and the personalities of noble citizens such as Hassan Eisa or Mohamed Hashi who contributed a significant role in our liberation struggle, but despite of this truth which no one can deny, however we will not accept from them to breach and offend our constitution as no is above the law and no is below the land. The population of Somaliland is almost four million people. In the event of every four or five persons forms their own political organizations and called it Madasha, then certainly we would end up establishing almost one million Madasha organizations. In the unlikely event we encounter such circumstances, then the law and order of our country will deteriorate and eventually our country will disappear from the political map of the world. I am 100 % confident that no single person of our people is willing such scenario takes places in our country. We never anticipated our most elite of our society misuse our newly born democracy. In the event our most educated elements of our society oppose our constitution, then this give an indication to untaught elements of our society to follow suit. In conclusion, the name Madasha is just unconstitutional title that does not have any legal enforcement, binding or legal mandate and against our constitution. Our constitution stands as a model of cooperative and the art of compromise.

The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon. Ourconstitution is colour-blind as the same gave an equal importance to every individual, sector or constitutional body of our country. Finally, the three basic material rights are continuity, mutual obligation, and the pursuit of happiness. Let us respect our laws. Our laws are like the software that runs our country. All the laws for a country, together, are called its legal code, just like computer software is written using code.Our constitution is not a mere lawyer’s document; it is a vehicle of Life as the same provides constitutional provisions for the security of every citizen. The Constitution is the sole source and guaranty of national freedom. Honest conviction is my courage; the Constitution is our guide.

Ismail Lugweyne