Somaliland National Electoral Commission declare inevitable delay to elections


Commissioner Saeed Ali Musa, official spokesperson of the seven-member National Electoral Board (NEC), today, declared that there will be some inevitable changes made to the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Mr. Saeed said that due to technical constraints the registration of the electorate will commence towards the end of July – a date that goes beyond the afore-scheduled end-of-June polling day. He said, together with the political parties, they decided that Ramadan was not going to be a working month and that – at the least – five more months will be needed to prepare and register voters.

One of the major factors that the Commissioner attributed the delay to was the withdrawal of contract that Interpeace made to the firm it gave the completion of voter registration services to the replacement of which will, understandably, take up some time.

All parties have agreed earlier that the forthcoming elections will not be held without due registration of the electoral population of Somaliland – this time around.

Representatives from all the three  national political parties were present at the briefing that Commissioner Saeed gave the press.

The Commissioner said NEC and the political parties have arrived at this common consensus fully cognizant of the prevailing circumstances.

Find the below Commissioner Saeed’s press statement:



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