President Siilaanyo Chastises Kulmiye Presidential Candidates for Jumping the Gun


The President

Musasamaale 1M Behi

In an unprecedented, atypical move, the President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Ahmed Mohamed  Mohamoud  ‘Siilaanyo’, today, called contenders for the highest seat in Somaliland from his own party for clouding the issue by openly campaigning for the seat despite his affirmed candidature for a second term in office.

The President in a press conference he held at his office today asked the contenders not to confuse the public as to who is to be the party nominee for candidacy.

“I have confirmed my candidacy for the presidential elections in 2015 time and again, and I believe it is not right that aspirants  whose candidature has not been officially forwarded by Kulmiye like I had been should waste time and resources on an effort that has no immediate returns for them,” he said.

The President, although he did not name them, was clearly but gently rapping the knuckles of Musa Behi, Abdiaziz Samaale and Mohamed Behi, all holding key positions in either the Party leadership or the government, for accelerating moves announcing their aspiration for the State leadership, especially among their ethnic support base – where they all belong to the same.

The President also called on Sultan Wabar, who recently pronounced his opposition to the Somaliland sovereignty, to reconsider his position as he cannot be a traditional leader and a warlord all wrapped into one at the same time.

“A Sultan is for peace and reconciliation, and not for war and strife leading his constituents down a doomed road,” he said.

He reminded the traditional leader that nationhood and all that led to it or it stood for was much more preferable on all counts than tribal or individual considerations.


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