Somalia: Auditor General complains of receiving death threats from President’s staff

The Auditor-General of Somalia has revealed that he has received death threats from senior officials of the President’s office while in auditing process.

Speaking to journalists in Mogadishu, Mr Nur Jimale expressed his strong concerns on death threats andauditor-general-400x228 harsh treatments he faced from the President’s staff while on duty.

He said instead of cooperating, the officers wanted to give directives on how the auditing process should have been conducted.

The Office of the Auditor General is an independent office established under the Constitution to audit Government bodies and report on their management of allocated funds.

The Auditor General is mandated to write reports, which confirm whether or not public money has been applied lawfully and in an effective way.

Initial reports and reliable sources have said that the Auditor General was investigating a case that waved the government recent weeks concerning a South Korean flagged ship which was captured illegally fishing around Mogadishu waters but was released by a top Chief Justice from the regional court of Banadir.

However, Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud released a statement call for the Attorney General to investigate on the claims from the Auditor General.

‘’The Office of the President of Somalia is deeply concerned regarding the Auditor General’s claims and has requested that the Attorney General investigate immediately. The Office of the President is committed to supporting the efficacy of the Office of the Auditor General,’’ read a Press from the President’s office.

(Source: Horseed Media)


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