Video on Three Somalis Shot Dead in South Africa


Mitchells Plain of SomalilandMonitor has obtained an exclusive video on Wednesday night shooting spree in Mitchells Plain, South Africa where three Somali men were shot dead and three others were wounded by a lone gunman in Wednesday night.

One of the victims
One of the victims of the shooting spree lies outside a restaurant at the Town Centre in Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. Photo: Leon Knipe

The shooter, also a Somali, was arrested on Wednesday night. Nuradin Sheikh Hussein, a resident of Mitchells Plain and a witness of the shocking scene has told Somaliland Monitor that the shooting started around 5.30pm when a “bearded man” named Abdiweli barged into the office of a remittance branch. “The shooter whose name is Abdiweli first barged into the office of Somali remittance, where he killed one person while wounding another one,” Nuradin Sheikh Hussein told the editor ofSomaliland Monitor.

Nuradin Sheikh Hussein also said the shooter then rushed from the remittance office towards an informal restaurant frequented by Somalis. There he was confronted by a group of three men at a table outside.          Nuradin said he opened fire on them, wounding them. Two of the men died in hospital overnight.

Police in Mitchells Plain said he fled on foot. Other witnesses told the Cape Argus the shooter was chased by an angry crowd. He shot at them until he ran out of ammunition. The witnesses said the crowd, mainly Somalis, then handed him over to the police who arrested him.

A spokesman from the Somali Association of South Africa told local news agencies that the shooting was “an isolated incident” and not linked to sectarian fighting among Somalis living in the area.

The dead victims identified as Abdiwahab Ahmed Hashi, 40, Mohamed Qani Hassan, 39 and Abdi Madobe Mohamed was buried on Thursday afternoon in a cemetery outside Cape Town city.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the suspect would appear at the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court on Thursday facing charges of murder, attempted murder and the unlicensed possession of a firearm and ammunition.

(Source: Somalilandmonitor)


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