Khalifa Foundation Delegation for Humboweyne in country


KhalifaUnited Arab Emirates Delegation from Khalifa Foundation which funded the Xumo Wyne water expansion project  arrived in Hargeisa on last Thursday. The water project is now nearing completion as far as the reports are concerned.

The delegation is headed by head of Humanitarian projects of Khalifa Foundation Shiekh Falah Al Habibi Abu Sultan. The delegation was greeted at the airport by the current Minister of Water Resources.

Mr. Husein Ahmed Abdulla, the current Minister of Water speaking to the press told that the mission of the delegation is to be in attendance of the grand opening ceremony of the project.

The Minister has told the public that the project of providing safe drinking water to the villages in the south is now to kick off. A survey is conducted measured the amount of water currently available in wells in Xumbo Weye.


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