Mortar barrages target Somalia’s presidential compound


Somali security officials says mortar shells have struck Somalia’s presidential palace compound and nearby residential area on Thursday.

Two mortars hit inside the presidential palace while three others targeted outside the compound. One person is reported to have been killed by the barrages.

At least four of the shells, an eyewitness stated, fell on a courtyard in which vehicles were parked.

Other shells, it was reported, fell near the Djiboutienne Embassy located in between Villa Somalia dn the National Theatre.

Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility for the latest attacks.

Medical sources confirmed they received victims wounded in the mortar shelling which sent shockwaves across the Somali capital. As is the case in shellings of this kind, the actual number of casualties – wounded or killed – is hard to ascertain for a number of reasons.

Villa SomaliaIt’s not the first time the Al-Qaeda linked group carried out mortar attacks in the city which has seen series of bombings by the group.

At least 28 people, including top government officials  were killed and dozens were wounded after a suicide attack at a hotel in the city last week.

Despite losing key strongholds, Al-Shabab remains a security threat to the horn of Africa nation struggling to recover from decades of war.

This latest shelling happens at a time the Somalia Federal State was preparing for tal;ks with the Republic of Somaliland, bluindly insisting that it still ruled its erstwhile partner in the 1960 independence out of which the now defunct Somali Republic was born.

(Source: Waryalist/Hiiraan/Somtribune)



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