Kenya: ‘Rapist’ Baboons Target Women in Nyeri, Wreak Havoc On Farms


Stray monkeys and baboons from Aberdare National Park reportedly harass women sexually before raiding their farms and homes for food.

The animals invade farms in Endarasha area, Kieni West subcounty, Nyeri early in the morning, in troops of not less than 50, said Esther Nyakahote, a farmer.

“A woman was recently assaulted by more than 10 male monkeys. They had opened their mouths roaring and were holding their private parts to intimidate her,” Nyakahote said.

“It was only that she screamed and a group of men passing by responded.”

Speaking at her farm on Monday, Nyakahote said the baboons and monkeys hurl bricks at them and point at their private parts when they try to chase them.

She said another woman was assaulted and undressed when she tried to prevent them from invading her farm.

Their population is sustained by the food that they steal, said John Kariuki, a resident.

“The animals are just giving birth to twins, their population has increased very fast. Our population is still low because we are working hard but not getting enough food,” Kariuki said.

He added that parents are forced to escort their children to school to protect them.

He said some class seven and eight pupils have been skipping school as a result.

“Monkeys have been affecting the academic performance of our children because they miss class to guard the farms so that their parents can engage in other income generating activities to make ends meet,” he said.

Kariuki said he fears that the supply of food will be depleted by the animals that have male leaders nicknamed Meja.

“They are like human beings because they can open the doors, get in and escape with food in packs,” he said.

The residents want KWS to move the animals to an alternative location or erect a higher fence around the park to curb human-wildlife conflict.

The animals have resorted to finding food in the neighbouring residential areas as the dry season persists.

Endarasha ward MCA Peter Kamau urged the KWS to find a quick solution before residents take matters into their own hands.

Kenya Wildlife Service officials from Mweiga could not be immediately reached for comment.


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