NEC Officials Embark on Working tour covering all Regions of the Country


President Silanyo and the New NEC Commissioners

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) on Wednesday announced it’s for the first time dispersing its representatives for an inspection tour of all regions and districts in the country for preparation of voters registration process which is expected to commence next week and recruitment and hiring regional staff.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) will divide its representatives into two groups with one group touring the eastern regions and the other western regions of the country.

The first group led by NEC deputy chairman commissioner Mahmoud Hassan Wacays together with two other NEC commissioners Ms. Kaltuun Sheik Hassan and Mr. Abdifatah Ibrahim Sheik will embark on a working tour covering the western regions of the country starting in Sheik in Sahil region in addition to Maroodi Jeh and Awdal regions respectively .

The second group will be led by NEC spokesperson Mr. Said Ali Muse and which will include two other NEC commissioners Mr. Abdurrahman Sagal and Mr. Mohamed Jama will embark on a working tour covering the eastern regions of the country starting in Burao in Togdheer region in addition to Sanaag and Sool regions respectively.

This new development comes nearly a week after the National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced the postponement of the date of holding the date of holding the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections which was supposed to be held in July,2015.

(source: Somalilandpress)



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