Congressman Ellison, Treasury Secretary Lew on US Somali Remittance flow

Congressman Keith Ellison

In this Q&A session, Congressman Keith Ellison puts the question of what the American government is going to do about finding a legal, internationally acceptable to financial regulators.

The Hon. Secretary of teh TReasury Jack Lew

Mr. Jack Lew, the US Secretary of Treasury, despite being in a tight spot where he did not have answers that he could readily offer, promised to hold follow-up correspondence with Congressman Ellison.

The Congressman made it quite clear during the Q&A session that if regular, ordinary beneficiaries were denied the little money they were sent to meet education, health and living expenses, they could easily be wooed to the Al Shabaab camp by its PR people. He said the Somali remittance issue was, also, a US ‘national security issue’.

The Honorable Secretary said he conceded that it was heartbreaking if people who were not ‘bad actors’ could not receive money openly through remittance channels.

Watch the session below:



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