White House hires Facebook engineering director as its new director of information technology


David RecordonThe White House has hired one of Facebook’s engineering directors, David Recordon, as its new director of information technology, according to Yahoo! Tech’s Alyssa Bereznak.

Recordon, who has worked at Facebook since 2009, will work in his new position to “ensure that the technology utilized by the White House is efficient, effective, and secure,” according to a statement from the White House.

While at Facebook, Recordon has worked on various open source projects in addition to building internal productivity tools for the Facebook team.

Recordon is the latest Silicon Valley hire for the White House as it seeks to build out its technology division around the recently launched U.S. Digital Service, a new team helmed by ex-Google engineer Mikey Dickerson.

The U.S. Digital Service team is responsible for ensuring that Government services such as HealthCare.gov and others remain up and running and easy to access.

Recordon worked more recently as a consultant for the U.S. Digital Service team, according to his Linkedin page, and has visited the White House numerous times in the last year. He’s even posted on Facebook about sitting in on meetings with President Barack Obama.

“In Silicon Valley we talk about ‘impact’ all of the time,” Recordon wrote in a Facebook post from August 2014. “I’m writing this while I lay at home on my couch doing laundry when there are multiple startups who would happily come pick it up and do it for me with nothing more than a few taps on my iPhone 5S. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of absolutely serious companies who truly impact lives on a daily basis but the United States government serves all of us in ways the venture capital fueled valley does not.”



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