HCTV reporter attempts to dampen Somaliland celebrations of Cardiff motion (+Video clip)


Mohamed Tiriig of the Somaliland-based Horn Cable TV showed his personal bias on several questions he put to members of the Somaliland government and Parliament celebrating with Cardiff constituents on the motion that the Cardiff Council passed Thursday on recognition of Somaliland independence.

The Horn Cable reporter did not conceal his partisan opposition to the unity that the Somaliland communities and the government of Somaliland have shown of recent around the world on the quest for international recognition of the Somaliland cause, and for earning more friends for Somaliland diplomacy and development.

The reporter came back again and a warped view confined to him trying to make it appear that the issue of recognition and the efforts towards it was the sole prerogative of the Somaliland government, and that the sons and daughters of the country should not lift a finger.

The questions of the reporter were not only a slur to the highly commendable of the Somaliland communities in Sheffield and Cardiff, buttii an outright insult to the whole of Somaliland and its 24-year old quest for sovereignty and an honored place with the ranks of independent countries around the world.

The reporter as a reporter did not show an iota of knowledge on media ethics as he did not show compassion or support for his motherland and its cause, aspiration and integrity.

The reporter made it appear that the Somaliland government only woke up to the jubilation of Cardiff Somaliland community buoyantly celebrating  the motion passed by their council, along with the celebrations of all of Somaliland in the UK, in Europe, around the world on this historical day. He intimated and made it clear in words and voice that the Somaliland government had nothing to do with the motion and did not support it.

Ali Seenyo also on site in Cardiff where Somalilanders were celebrating the event showed more restraint, more maturity, although he, himself,, once, tried to steer Jamal Ali Hussein to a criticism of the government and the effort Cardiff Somalilanders have shown.

Jamal responsibly responded to the question by pointing out that the quest for independence and national sovereignty was for all Somalilanders and should not be made the responsibility of any one government, individual or community.

Hurrah to Jamal!

On the other hand, both Minister Hersi and Behi and Deputy House Speaker Pasha M Farah, made it clear that the Somaliland cause was for all Somalilanders regardless of position, party or geographical location, and that all Somalilanders were ambassadors for their country and people wherever they were – a point that the novice reporter missed altogether.

Horn Cable TV management and editorial board should make a re-assessment of their policies regarding national issues and priorities as well as its overall outlook on a Republic of Somaliland not counter-balanced with monetary considerations and missed contracts.

Find the relevant clip below:



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