President Siilaanyo receives three international delegations (+Photos)


Today at the presidency, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo, received three international level delegations at his office here at the Capital, Hargeisa.

The First delegation that met with the President comprised of Her Majesty’s UK Embassy in Addis Ababa and other EU  members.

The primary objective behind this high delegation’s visit to the country and the President, it was said in a press brief following the meeting, was to meet with primary actors of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections and to find out pertinent facts relating to the proper conduct of fair and free elections when the time arrived.DSC_0038

The delegation raised the point with the President as they have done earlier in the day with the House of Elders.

In both meetings, the government of Somaliland and the parliament made it clear that the schedule for the elections was the sole mandate of the National Electoral Commission, and that the polling date was to be set by them after taking all that pertained to it in consideration: preparedness, requisite funds, manpower, election materials, consultation with running political parties/actors, etc.

Present at the meeting the delegation had with the President on the Somaliland suide were the Honorable Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Presidency (Minister of State for), Interior, Planning, Defense, Aviation and the Executive Presidential Secretary .

The second of the delegations that the President received at his Palace today represented the African Development Bank.DSC_0115

The two sides, it was reported, talked of bilateral cooperation in the field of development encompassing both ongoing programs and projects expected to commence in due time spanning over a wide area of schemes pivotal to the elevation of standards of living of the Somaliland public.

The honorable ministers for Foreign Affairs, Planning, Water and the Minister of State for the presidency were present at the meeting.

The President, also, met with a delegation led by Mr. John Moore, a businessman from the United Kingdom. DSC_0066

Mr. Moore’s visit followed the Somaliland-UK business opportunities conference held in London in October 2014, where Mr. Moore promised to visit Somaliland and see the country, its people, its business opportunities first hand in order to take further steps towards the investment required where his mission saw fit.


Please find pictures taken of today’s meetings below:

Meeting with Her Majesty’s Ethiopia Embassy, EU Members

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Meeting with African Development Delegation

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Meeting with British businessman John Moore

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