Kenyan politicians urge repatriation of Somalia refugees


Political leaders from the volatile Kenyan northeastern region on Saturday requested the government to repatriate Somalia refugees in the wake of terrorist attack at a university in the north.

Led by the majority leader in the national assembly Adan Duale, the leaders regretted that refugee camps have become bleeding ground for terrorist activities that has claimed many lives in Kenya.

“We are ready to change the law to facilitate repatriation of refugees to help the government fight terrorism. Leaders from the northern region will support the government address rising insecurity in the country,” Duale remarked.

Somalia based Al-Shabaab militants on Thursday stormed into Garissa University College and killed near 150 people.

The political leaders from northern Kenya said that terrorists have infiltrated refugee camps to plan attacks.

Speaking at a public rally, the leaders urged the United Nations to look for alternative sites to host the swelling number of refugees from Somalia.

“The terrorists are using refugee camps as recruitment and planning bases. Local people should cooperate with police to flush out criminal elements,” said Duale

Religious and political leaders from north eastern Kenya vowed to support the government to identify terrorists hiding in communities.

According to Garissa county governor Nathif Jama, the leaders will support community policing to flush out terrorists and their sympathizers.

“We are calling upon imams to denounce terrorist outfits that pervert the religion to kill and maim innocent people,” said Jama.

On his part, Mandera Governor Ali Roba urged political leaders to rally communities to fight against youth radicalization and extremism that fuel terrorism.

“We must collectively fight this war as leaders. Our cooperation with security forces will help eradicate terrorism,” said Roba.

(Source: Xinhua News)



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