SDF kit immensely benefits Somaliland citizens – ROS Planning Minister


SDF funds benefitting all regions of Somaliland says planning minister Dr Saad Ali Shire inset

Minister of National planning Dr. Saad Ali Shire has issued a communique pertaining the projects so far implemented by Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) a kit initiated by donors’ countries to channel development aid to Somaliland.

In a statement the minister said that development projects are very important and SDF has earmarked 62 million dollars for prioritized programs .He went on to state that some projects have been completed while others are ongoing.

The minister confirmed some of the projects being implemented are different in nature and they include upgrading and development of roads, improving and construction of Health facilities, water, agriculture, fishing, environment conservation and furnishing of offices in some villages of the country.

“Three roads are being worked and the one from Hamas to Berbera has began and at the present has reached Habalo Tumaalo.”

The other, Berbera to Sheikh town road is being planned and has not commenced. We also are working on Hunduse Bridge which has already been demolished and motorists are diverting on intersection created, another road is Dila to Kalabaid whose contract has already awarded to a local contractor and would begin soon.” Minister Saad said.
The minister added that SDF monies will also be used to increase capacity of water supply to Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao and Las Anod towns.

Las Anod SDF funded water project launched
Las Anod SDF funded water project launched


“On water sector we are going to install pipes from Geedeeble to Biyo-shine the pipes are expected to arrive in the country soon. There are also seven sources of water we intend to tap in Dubaar to add to supply of Berbera town which has been completed, Burao is also in the agenda as water tanks have been purchased to store water.

Other places are Hadaftimo where we plan to increase water supply capacity, Lasanod town and another village in Awdal region known as Gargooray. Most of the afore mentioned projects have been completed and other are near completion.” Mr. Saad confirmed,
He also highlighted agricultural projects such as designating pasture land for animals, health and education projects funded through Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) kit.
“Soil conservation and water utilization projects in Aburinvillae are ongoing,
In Aroori village and Qool-adey two designated pasture land have been fenced and are near completion. There is also Lasanod and Erigavo hospitals and Dayaha boarding school in Lasanod projects which contracts have already been signed, but have not been started.

“There is also environmental conservation projects that should cover all regions of Somaliland which has began.”

“We want to fund ministry of fishery projects such as improving the country’s ports and harbors such the one in Mayd town.

“Fishery projects include uplifting standard of marine university at Berbera and construction of parts in the country.” stated Mr. Saad.

Somaliland Ministry of planning employees at a workshop facilitated by SDF in HargeisaSomaliland Ministry of planning employees at a workshop facilitated by SDF in HargeisaHe said that most of the money will go towards the projects, 62 million mostly will fund different projects but only a fraction will go to management of the funds. The minister also revealed after the completion phase one a committee will be appointed to pin point most deserving projects to be funded.
About the SDF
The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) provides a single vehicle through which donors can support Somaliland’s development goals. The SDF supports the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) filling a critical gap through funding projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP) 2012 -2016 while at the same time recognizing the role of GoSL in the delivery of basic services.

The SDF will also support GoSL’s communication of results to build accountability and transparency. Furthermore, the SDF is designed to strengthen the state citizenship relationship and enhance accountability and domestic revenue generation. This, in turn, should lead to more stability and prosperity in Somaliland.

In alignment with the Somaliland National Development Plan the SDF Joint Steering Committee has approved funding for a number of projects at a totalexpenditure exceeding $25m

In the meantime tangible impact of SDF activities has so far been ascertained through launching of various completed projects


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(Source: Somalilandsun)


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