Somaliland executes six from death row, last-minute save for 7th


The government of Somaliland  executed six from among hundreds on death row for the first time for over a decade to  a spate of seemingly wanton murders and assassinations that plagued the country in recent years.

All six had exhausted the process before which such a conclusive measure is implemented, including pleas with victims’ families to opt for either blood price or absolute pardoning is is stipulated by Islam and the Somaliland penal laws.

The number would have been seven but an un-named seventh, reports state, was miraculously saved when the parents of the murdered victim decided to forgive him which resulted in the would-be-executed man untied from the shooting post after last rites were read. The report of the saved man was confirmed by eyewitnesses present at the execution ground.

Abdi Abdullahi from the ROS Ministry of Justice read out the names and the offences on which they were found guilty of to the press.

  1. Mohamed Da;ud Ahmed, 25, AND Eli Musa, together killed Mukhtar Osman Warsame, on 30-03-2008 in Borama.
  2. Ilias Abdillahi Adan, 40, committed a double murder killing Adan Abdi Mursal and  Muna Ahmed Mohamed, on 26-07-2003 in Hargeisa.
  3. Mohamed Ahmed Hirsi, 24, killed his wife, Farhiya Dahir Abdi, in Burao on 10-05-2011.
  4. Ex Police Pvt Mohamed Abdillaahi Abdi Guuleed, 28, shot xuseen Maxamuud Cawaale(Gacmo-dheere), on 22-03-2015 at Qoton Dabo near Odweine.
  5. Ex Army Pvt Abdirashiid Hasan Omar, 25, Magaalada Hargeysa ku dilay Marxuum Abdifatah Mohamed Sudani on 07-08-2009 in Hargeysa.

The executed were shot in Mandera prison, Sahil region,  by a firing squad composed of select units from the police, the army and the custodial corps of the Republic of Somaliland.


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