EU to respect Somaliland sovereignty, rule of law


flag somalilandThe Republic of Somaliland is independent, democratic and a religiously Moslem nation and a state that recognizes and acts in conformity with the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights according to Article 10 under the Constitution of Somaliland.

The nation has since the past twenty years successfully managed to enjoy reliable peace stability, security and the order of law and fortunately survived from the political chaos and the endless insecurities in many parts of the region; by the result of equality, justice, freedom, democratic political participation and the protection of human rights for the people in Somaliland territory coupled with strong commitment of the government and the judiciary organ for the law enforcement and favouring will of the nation in most cases and per the capability. This has not only been imperative for the wellbeing of Somalilanders but has as well served a decisive support to the interests of the neighbouring states and region in terms of the security measures and the overall combat against terrorism to a great extent.

The execution of the six prisoners (Murderers) at Mandheera was actually part of the judicial law enforcement and supporting the maintenance of peace and promoting justice for the people of Somaliland and not in the way the EU has pointed as backward in the statement issued by the Heads of EU Member States from Nairobi. It was long expected bravery verdict and judgement from the Judiciary Council and the government by the people of Somaliland. It helps reduce and prevent crimes of murder and violence and that is contributing to strengthening peace and security measures.

Somaliland government owes a lot appreciation and gratefulness for the momentous cooperation with the European Union Member States but they should understand the sovereign status, privileges and maturity of Somaliland government to rule and determine what is serving best for the will and interests of her nation.

By Hassan Ahmed Yusuf

At Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland


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