Hawiye elders of Somalia support Somaliland peace, stability


A group of reputable elders representing the vast Hawiye clans of Somalia expressed their unequivocal support of peace and stability in the Republic of Somaliland.

The elders, calling from Mogadishu spoke  to Waaheen newspaper editors basically reiterating their years-old support of Somaliland, saying that it was a country to be emulated given how it has established itself as an oasis of peace, stability and co-existence among its diverse constituencies in a volatile region.

“Somaliland is a bastion of peace that defied the turbulences and uncertainties in a region characterized by strife among uncompromising elements,” Ali Monopoly the group’s spokesman said.

The group, some of whom were members of a delegation that visited Somaliland previously to learn from the grass-roots processes in peace-building which Somaliland  has perfected, said they completely saw the sense of the extension that the House of Elders made to the current tenure of the incumbent government and the Parliament.

The support of the Hawiye elders closely follows an opposing view that some Somaliland-born politicians still supporting the defunct union between Somalia and Somaliland gave the Somalia media a day before.

Contradicting this support, too, is the persistent and largely inexplicable militancy of some of the opposition members in Somaliland calling for disruptive demonstrations that can turn ugly any minute and a t a time and date that 18 May independence celebrations is less than a week  away, leading to a growing suspicion among the public that there were hands elbowing opposition parties to unpredictable extremes.



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