Ayan Ashour: A Prominent Somalilander wonders why Kay is slow to congratulate Somaliland on accord


Ayan M Ashour, a prominent Somalilander who helped found Redsea Cultural Foundation and Kayd, was quick to point out, today, that Mr. Nicholas Kay,  the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia/Somaliland, has yet to congratulate the momentous accord which the Somaliland elections stakeholders reached last evening.Embedded image permalinkIn a twitter comment Ayan posted today she wondered why Mr. Kay was quick to express concern when the Guurti added four months to a date in November 2016 all three political parties trained their eyes on and did not express same emotion for the accord reached.

Ayan followed it up by also looking at the larger international views on Somaliland expressing her disappointment in the reticence the same world that condemned the delays earlier very hastily kept on a welcome development that could have used its encouragement.

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Comments that responded to Ayan’s Tweet were, understandably, very kind to Mr. Kay echoing Ayan’s perplexity on how stupefying the international community’s double standards on Somaliland – and Somalia, for that matter – can be on occasion.


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